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Thai Retirement Visa Application

Apr 12

If you're thinking of retiring to Thailand, you may be wondering what your requirements are to apply for a retirement visa. This article covers the Financial proof required for a Thai retirement visa application. It also explains what you'll need to show when you apply for a re-entry permit. You'll also learn about the cost of the re-entry permit. Read on to find out what you need to do.

Requirements for a retirement visa in Thailand

You must have at least six months of continuous residence in Thailand and eight hundred thousand Thai Baht in assets to be eligible to apply for a retirement visa in the Kingdom of Thailand. You must also have a utility bill or rental agreement stating your current address. Once you have obtained the necessary documents, you must apply for your visa at the Royal Thai Embassy. If you are a Thai citizen, you must apply for a re-entry permit once your current visa expires.

In Thailand, there are two main categories of retirement visa. There is the Non-Immigrant Category O-A, which is valid for a year, and the Non-Immigrant Category OX, which is valid for ten years. Both types of visas are intended for retired workers. Employment of any kind is not allowed while in this visa, but you can apply for multiple entries. In addition, the applicant must be fifty years or older on the day of application, have no criminal history in Thailand, and have a valid U.S. passport.

Financial evidence required for a retirement visa

Foreign nationals with a non-immigrant O visa or a tourist visa can apply for a Thai retirement-visa by meeting the requirements for a non-immigrant O visa, a one-year extension visa, or a one-year extension of a residency permit. To apply for a retirement visa, foreign nationals should visit a Thai immigration office and present the necessary documentation. Before you can apply for your retirement visa, you must have a Certificate of Entry for Thailand, a reservation for an Alternative State Quarantine Hotel, and COVID-19 Travel Insurance.

For foreign nationals without a pension income letter, you will need to present proof of the income you're receiving. Rent and rental income are not acceptable as a form of retirement income in Thailand. You must have a minimum of 65,000 Thai baht per month, plus an additional six months of savings. To demonstrate this income, you must present a bank statement in your name with a balance of at least eight hundred thousand Baht.

Requirements for a re-entry permit

When applying for a re-entry permit to Thailand, applicants must submit a copy of their passport and a copy of their bank account statements. If an applicant is from outside Thailand, they may also need to present a police clearance letter or health certificate. Applicants should make at least two copies of each document, but four are preferred. For a successful application, applicants must show all of these documents and pay a one-time fee to obtain a Notarized Affidavit of Current Income.

Re-entry permits are not required if a person already has a visa and is planning to visit Thailand for an extended period. The only exceptions are those who are traveling with a single entry Tourist Visa or a Non-Immigrant Retirement Visa. A re-entry permit is required when you are applying for a one-year Non-Immigrant Retirement Visa, or after you extend your visa for another nine months.

Cost of a re-entry permit

The Thai government requires a re-entry permit to enter the country if you are in possession of a Thai Retirement Visa. For British citizens, a re-entry permit is required for every six-month period of residency. A re-entry permit can be purchased at a Thai immigration office or at airport counters. The re-entry permit costs 1,000 THB for one entry and 3,800 THB for multiple entries.

To apply for a re-entry permit, visit a Royal Thai Embassy or a visa application centre. You will need to provide a passport-type photograph. It must be in colour and be no more than six months old. Be sure to put your full name and signature on the reverse side. The visa fee for a single re-entry permit is 1,000 Baht and 3,800 Baht for multiple entries.