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Understanding The Celtic Animal Zodiac

Dec 22

We all know that animals are good luck symbols, but did you know they also hold special meaning when it comes to zodiac signs? In this article, we’ll explore the different animal zodiac signs and their meanings.

The Celts, in particular, were known for their love of animals, especially horses. They believed that each animal had its own personality traits and characteristics.

The following table shows how the Celts viewed each animal.

Celtic Animal Zodiac Symbols

Did you know there are 12 zodiac signs associated with the Celtic animal zodiac?

The Stag

The stag is a very powerful animal. They are extremely loyal and protective of their family. They are also very intelligent and intuitive.

They are often found in leadership positions because of their ability to see things from another person's perspective.

Stags are also very passionate and driven. They love what they do and are willing to go the distance to achieve their goals.

The Cat

The Cat is a very intelligent animal. They are highly adaptable and can learn quickly. They are also very independent and do not require much guidance.

They are often seen as being stubborn and moody. But if you know how to handle them, they can be loyal companions.

The Cat loves to travel and explore new places. They are curious and adventurous. They appreciate beauty and luxury.

The Snake

The snake is a symbol of wisdom and cunning. It represents the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to change direction when necessary.

Snakes are very intelligent creatures and they know how to survive.

When we look at our lives, we see that we are constantly growing and developing. We should learn from the snake.

The Fox

This animal can be sly and possess low cunning which tends to make people suspicious of Fox individuals. This can make finding friends 9and keeping them) hard for a Fox sign person.

However, they are full of courage and are very loyal.

The Cow or Bull

The Bull is a very powerful and aggressive animal. Bulls are often leaders, and they tend to be bold and courageous. They are usually good at taking risks and making decisions.

Bulls are also very loyal and protective of their family. They love being around others and enjoy spending time with loved ones. However, they are sometimes stubborn and difficult to please.

The Seahorse

Celtic mythology tells us that the seahorse is a creature of the sea who lives in watery places. They are said to be able to live underwater for up to 15 minutes at a time.

They are also said to be very loyal creatures, and they love to swim around in circles.

The Wren

The Wren is a very powerful sign of the zodiac. They are often seen as being wise, intuitive, and having a good sense of humour. However, they are also known for being moody, secretive, and sometimes stubborn.

They are also known for being independent and self-sufficient. They tend to be loyal to their family and close friends.

Wrens are usually attracted to the arts, music, and literature. They are also drawn to nature and animals.

The Horse

The horse is associated with the element earth, and it represents masculine energy. As such, it rules the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, tongue, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, and genitals.

It’s also associated with the colour black, and it symbolizes endurance, strength, courage, ambition, leadership, and determination.

The Fish

They are independent thinkers and love to learn new things. They are very intuitive and psychic and tend to see into the future.

Fish are very creative and artistic and enjoy working with their hands. They are very passionate and are often driven by their emotions.

The Swan

The Swan is a water sign ruled by the moon. They are often seen as dreamers who are sensitive and emotional.

They are very intuitive and love to learn new things. They are also very artistic and enjoy being around nature.

The Swan is a natural-born leader and loves to help others. They are also very loyal and trustworthy.

The Swan is very romantic and enjoys spending time alone. They are also very spiritual and believe in fate.

The Butterfly

The butterfly Celtic zodiac is a powerful symbol of change, transformation, and growth. It represents the ability to adapt and evolve, and it’s associated with the element of air.

It’s believed that the butterfly Celtic zodiac symbol originated from ancient Celtic beliefs and practices. The butterfly Celtic zodiac symbol is often found decorating jewellery, clothing, and artwork.

The Wolf

Celtic mythology says that wolves were once human beings who turned into animals because they ate the soul of the god Bran.

Wolves are associated with the element of air, so they represent freedom, independence, and creativity. They are also said to be loyal, protective, and brave.

They are often depicted as solitary creatures, but they do enjoy company when they choose. Wolves are very intelligent, and they can communicate with each other by howling.


The Celtic animal zodiac is based on the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each of these animals has its own characteristics and personality traits. What Celtic animal sign are you?