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20 things you need to know before you rent an RV | Travel

This subject should not be discussed in polite company, but it is an essential component of the operation of an RV. It’s also the question that comes to mind the most for an RV novice: what happens when you go to the bathroom?

The answer is it will stay in your holding tank until you empty it. You should empty the tank every time you find yourself in a place with a garbage disposal station. If you wait too long you run the risk of stinking. Also treat your toilet with deodorant to keep things smelling fresher.

Ask the RV owner to show you how to drain the tank. You should definitely use disposable gloves and be vigilant when opening the tank. Unscrewing the cover can lead to unpleasant leaks. Finally, empty the gray tank after you’ve emptied the waste tank to clean the hose. Rinse the hose one last time with clean water from the site’s water connection.

Unless you’re staying somewhere with a landfill, many truck stops and travel centers have them too. You can also pay a small fee to stop at a RV park for dumping only.,, and all have a comprehensive list of available dumping sites.

And if this whole process sounds like the worst thing you’ve ever heard, more and more RV parks and campsites are offering to empty guests’ tanks for a small fee. Try it out for yourself first. You can do it!

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