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20 Black Travel Influencers Who Are Also Beauty Goals

We usually follow and envy black travel influencers for wandering to distant and sexy places while we sit at our desks and watch. And while the backdrop of her photos ranges from exotic locations like the Pyramids of Giza, the souks of Dubai, the beaches of Bali, and the ruins of Petra, it is their outstanding beauty that draws my attention.

From their vampy and red lips to their juicy curls and shiny skin (which I chose as a result of swimming in the oceans, rivers and seas of the world), they are both beauty destinations and travel destinations.

Because of all the flying and climate jumping, they take their self-care seriously. And they tend to slap those faces, which makes sense since they are in front of the camera all the time. But even their natural beauty keeps us referring to all of their contributions.

It’s inspiring to see black women trot around the globe and share their experiences with us. They bring their unique look to every place they pass and make an impression whether they know it or not. The current global pandemic has literally established most of them at the moment. We are excited to see where they go and how radiant their melanin will be when it is safer to travel.

Until then, to all known and aspiring travelers who make us snap up our passports and pallets.

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