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Parik Laxminarayan and Alex Metzler reflect on a decade of enchanting journeys and look forward to creating magical vacation memories for many happy years.

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Parik Laxminarayan and Alex Metzler reflect on a decade of enchanting journeys and look forward to creating magical vacation memories for many happy years.

“Why did you take the plunge into starting a travel company with no experience in the industry?” asked one of our smartly dressed former MBA classmates who is now a partner at McKinsey. We presented our journey at our ten year INSEAD MBA class reunion in France.

We simply replied that “what if” life ate us alive, so we took the plunge knowing that the worst thing that could happen would be failure.

The best that can happen is where we are today – we’ve built an exciting global travel company that spans 31 exotic countries around the world, employs wizards of 18 nationalities from different walks of life, and shares the joy of traveling every day!

Numerous memories flood our minds as we think about the past 10 years of travel.

In the early days, we remember walking the streets of Munich and Bangalore to find our first offices, and doing an airport pickup ourselves in the middle of the night after receiving a call from a desperate guest who was stranded after a “missed transfer”. make your own travel suggestions (it is not surprising that our first suggestions from 2004 look amateurish compared to what we have today); Negotiation of room evictions on waiting lists; Sales of travel; Resolving crisis situations in coordinating travel.

We’d manually issue our checks to all of our hotels and partners for payment late into the night and find that we’re building our own website with almost no technical knowledge.

Of course, we also did exciting test trips to breathtaking parts of our destinations, including our first to the Sunderbans in India, where our boat got stuck in the mangrove forests because our boatswain underestimated the mud in the river bed!

That first trip gave us a glimpse into the many encounters we would deal with while building Enchanting Travels.

We’d be lying if we said the journey is easy.

Every day is a new challenge, but what keeps us going are three things:

1. It is deeply gratifying to see our team members grow and make a living through an engaging job opportunity.

2. Hearing from our guests that we were able to create life-changing travel memories and help them understand what happiness really means is truly uplifting.

3. To be able to share and live the joy of traveling in so many exotic parts of our world every day is a tremendous reward.

If we are fortunate enough to be asked to share our thoughts on 20 years of our journey in 2024, we would love to look back on having built a hugely successful, profitable, and efficient organization that is respected for staying true to its values .

While many things will change, develop and grow, we are sure that the only thing that will never change is the real care and passion to share the joy of travel with people and in our own little way the world as one To make world a better and happier place.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey with us – ten years of enchanting traveling and counting.

Parik & Alex

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